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This inaugural interdisciplinary tri-campus series will convene University of Washington leadership, unit leaders, faculty, staff, administrators, postdocs and graduate students within 17 interactive workshops to create team-based learning and action. Participants will explore and share equity-minded practices for STEM instruction and research activities, and consider their roles as equity-minded scientists and leaders in a social change ecosystem.

While this 2020 Summer Series currently focuses on the University of Washington tri-campus partnership, if you are interested in implementing PR2ISM at your institution, please contact the PR2ISM team.

PR2ISM would like to acknowledge our founding Equity partners: Institute for Protein Design, Clean Energy Institute, College of Engineering, College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Chemical Engineering, Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering, School of Medicine Office of Research and Graduate Education and the University of Washington 

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"It is really important to have those viewpoints. Benevolent friction. Be soft on people but hard on ideas."

Founding Partners

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